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Jul 1, 2014

Danny Howard Vs Futuristic Polar Bears

With their track ‘Vargo’ currently smashing the Beatportcharts, we thought that it’d make a nice change to the standard interview process if we took a back seat this time round and invited the guys to interview each other instead.  Want to know why the Polar Bears would rather pogo to a gig, or what Danny’s cooking skills (or lack of) are like?!  Then read on…  

First up, it’s the Polar Bears chance to interview Danny Howard…

FPB:  There’s been a lot of buzz around the internet about the Video we had made for Vargo, what haveeverybody’s reactions been like when you’ve showed it to friends & family etc?

DANNY:  The reaction is always a positive one. You see the smile appear on people’s faces as soon as the kid starts dancing which is exactly what I want to see. When I saw the first cut I couldn’t stop laughing!

FPB:  You are travelling and flying as much as we are at the moment, what do you do to keep yourself entertained? Do you have any pre-flight rituals?

DH:  I don’t have any pre-flight rituals other than to actually make the flight on time!!! I’ve been known to miss the odd one but I’m working on that :D
In terms of keeping myself entertained, I actually use the time on a flight to get work done or sleep… A bit boring really but what else can you productively do on a flight?!

FPB:  Being resident at Pacha Ibiza & BCM Mallorca must be great fun, how do your sets differ between the 2 venues?

DH:  Both venues are an absolute dream come true.Pacha is because my all-time hero Erick Morillo had a residency there and I saw him play many times which was always amazing. I never in a million years thought I’d blag it into the DJ box, never mind a residency! BCM is always fun because you’re playing a world class set up but without the pressure of musical snobbery so the atmosphere is always top class.
Musically, I play much deeper and upfront at Pachawhereas BCM is more chaotic so it’s all about the big room bangers so the music matches the madness on the dance floor!

FPB:  You are that busy at the minute that even we struggle to get hold of you on the phone and Skype etc... How are balancing your time over the summer between radio shows, gigs, studio time?

DH:  This is true!! I’m actually answering your questions in the back of a taxi on the way to the airport right now!! Ha! Never stops but it’s the way I like it… Being busy is a good thing! I’m on a tight schedule and my whole of July is planned out day to day… The trick is to stick to the plan and hopefully everything will get done!! Unfortunately I’m not exactly the most organised person in the world so I’ll end up chasing my tail at some point this summer I’m sure!

FPB:  We’ve set a benchmark with the Vargo video!  How will we top it with the next one?!

DH:  It’s about thinking up an idea that isn’t to cliché to the scene already. Club & Festival shots are great because they really capture the atmosphere that the track can create in a live environment but every producer in the world is doing this style so I’d like to stay away from that again.
I’d quite like to get a real life Polar Bear in the video… Possibly make it dance. Something like that.

FPB:  Who’s your favourite polar bear and why?

DH:  Lars. I like that he’s a banana eating polar bear and I like bananas too… I think we’d really get on.
FPB:  What is your favourite Vodka or Jaeger?

DH:  Jaeger! Although I think I need to stop drinking it as it’s not doing anything for my beach bod. My two-pack is fading…

FPB:  If you could add one word to the dictionary, what would it be and why?

DH:  Vargo!! It didn’t mean anything until we made it up!!

FPB:  Next time we get in the studio together, we’ve decided you are providing the studio food. What are you going to cook us?

DH:  Well the problem is I never cook! I just burn everything so I would attempt to cook something, burn it and then repeat the process until we all decided that buying in a Nando’s is the safest option for all.

FPB:  Finally when are we coming to Ibiza to write some new music together? ;)

DH:  Haha!! Anytime… Always welcome!!

Now it’s Danny’s turn to grill the Futuristic Polar Bears…

DH:  Many producers around the world strive to have a number 1 track on the Beatport main chart, something that you guys achieved earlier this year with ‘Back To Earth’. I know all three of you were very excited but what is the closest feeling you’ve ever experienced that could compare to getting the top spot?

FPB:  (LUKE) Nothing compares to it. It was a moment of sheer elation and the culmination of 3 years hard work, it was a great feeling and hopefully we’ll achieve it again someday. If I had to compare it to something I’d say It was pretty similar to when Blackburn won the Premiership title many moons ago, that was also a pretty epic day...

DH:  When I come into the studio with you, I notice you have a board that you created as a snapshot into what you would like to achieve in the future. A BBC Radio 1 
Essential Mix, Cover Stars of Mixmag and DJ Mag Number 1 DJ’s all feature but if you had to pick just one, which goal would make you feel like you’ve really made it?

FPB:  (FRAN) I think to do the essential mix on BBC Radio 1 would be a massive achievement and something that I think is a pinnacle of any DJs career, you only have to look at the some of the greats that have done it, Eric Prydz, Steve Angello, Daft Punk, Hardwelland then right back through the years to Carl Cox & Pete Tong etc, it would be an honour (sort it out Danny! ;) ) 

DH:  When I first started making music with you, your style was very different to how it is now. You went from making Tech & Funky House to more Big Room, Progressive and Electro, how and why did you decide to make the change?

FPB:  (Rhys) We always loved that style of music and we always wanted to progress into the style. It was ghost producing for other DJs and producers that gave us time to really develop our sound before we took the plunge. 

DH:  With their being three of you in the group, what is the process you go through to make a track from start to finish… and is their ever a case of ‘Too many cooks…’?

FPB:  (LUKE) We have a great system in place for making our own music. Rhys and I usually come up with the ideas and then we play them to Fran to make sure we’re all happy with the direction. We’ll then go ahead and put a solid idea together before Fran gets to work on it. Fran is a really talented Studio engineer and he does his thing developing the sounds in the track and mixing it down. We’ll then go and road test it for a few weeks at gigs before making the final adjustments and final mix. We probably scrap 50 – 60% of the ideas we make, it’s all about quality over quantity :)

DH:  In a world where everyone is playing the same tunes… How do your DJ sets differ from another artist in the same genre bracket as you? What’s the key ingredient to that Polar Bear Magic?

FPB:  (Rhys) Re-edits of everything, that’s the key. We usually spend a good few hours before gigs or when we’re flying re-editing the shit out of everything to give it our own spin, it’s the only way to stand out. We also try to incorporate a lot of new music and remixes we are working on as testing them to crowds is the only way to make sure the track is good or not.

DH:  If you could go back in time, would you still be Futuristic Polar Bears or would you be living in the past?

FPB:  Polar Bears for Life ;)

DH:  Why do people who repair shoes, also cut keys?

FPB:  Maybe to supplement their income? Most people buy new shoes these days instead of fixing them, whereas you don’t buy a new house when you lose your keys, you get another set cut ;)

DH:  Now Ryanair allocate seats and allow two pieces of hand luggage, do EasyJet need to up their game?

FPB:  No chance. EasyJet will never have to up their game to compete with Ryanair, I’d prefer to travel with a pogo stick to a gig than fly on Ryanair. 
DH:  Who does Rhys sit next to on the rides at Alton Towers?

FPB:  He likes sitting next to strangers so he canphotobomb their snapshots especially on the Nemesis and the Smiler.

DH:  We have the same manager who’s just had a baby with his girlfriend… If you could have picked the name… what would it be and why?

FPB:  Rhys-Wyn Francis Luke the 2nd. Our names are cool. 

DH:  I heard Fran is scared of flying and prefers to actually run to gigs… Can you confirm?

FPB:  I so wish this was true; I’d imagine it’d be like watching the flash travel across the world. Maybe we can do one of those Top Gear challenges against Fran. We’ll travel by Car and Plane and Fran can run, let’s see who gets there first!

To buy from Beatport
Danny Howard & Futuristic Polar Bears – Vargo(Official Video) 

Danny Howard

Release: Cazzette ‘Weapon’ (EDX Acapulco At Night Remix) // Out now onPRMD

(EDX Acapulco At Night Remix)

Out Now:

'Weapon' is the soft track with the big bass line from Cazette, the swedish duo consisting of Sebastian Furrer & Alexander Björklund. The opening track of their debut album 'EJECT', 'Weapon' combines slick guitar work with an electro-driven beat, and now the highly anticipated Acapulco At Night remix from EDX is out now through PRMD. 

After Cazzette worked wonders on 'Everything' back in 2012, EDX returns the favour with his charmingly melodic remix of 'Weapon'. First teasing fans with a snippet last year, EDX's take on 'Weapon' is a smooth one, delivering a charming Progressive House rendition that alleviates the original's dub elements in a stylish, summertime manner. 

Using warm chords and percussions overlaid with the resounding female vocal of 'I'll do anything', Switzerland’s Maurizio Colella proves he is the king of uplifting Progressive House. With this remix “bringing back the classic EDX plug sound,” he perfectly demonstrates his impeccable taste for subtle harmonies and will certainly give you goosebumps. 

Having received support from Grammy-nominated DJ Avicii in his 2013 Le7els podcast, the remix directly reflects EDX's meteoric rise in stature. It’s been made clear that EDX has a bright future ahead of him, and with 2014 already featuring impressive releases such as 'Breathin' and more recently 'Make Me Feel Good', this summer will see EDX continue to reach and impress the most demanding audiences around the world. 

Cazzette burst into the mainstream scene with their smash single ‘Beam Me Up,’ which appeared on their debut album, EJECT. The album was first released exclusively on Spotify in 2012, making Cazzette the first group ever to launch a project through the streaming service. Since the release, EJECT has garnered 23 million Spotify streams and Cazzette has topped three Billboard charts—Dance Club Songs, Global Dance Songs and On-Demand Songs.

Jun 24, 2014

Festival news: Asia’s biggest dance music festival Sunburn Goa release 2013 highlights movie

Early bird tickets confirmed for release on Wednesday 2nd July 2014, available here: Click here.

“One of the wonders of the Clubbing World” Mixmag

"A dance-music extravaganza filled with international DJs and all-day partying" Lonely Planet

"A riot of colour, beach fun and electronica" TimeOut Mumbai

"Truly Epic!" DJ Mag

World-leading dance music festival Sunburn prepares to unleash plans for their eighth year, bringing the biggest and most sought-after names in electronic music to South India’s stunning shoreline. With the first earlybird tickets set to go on sale next week, Sunburn have released a highlights movie reel from their 2013 festival which saw an aggregate attendance of over 160,000 from across the globe. The festival was attended by fans from over 40 countries worldwide and 70 cities pan-India. In its seventh year ‘Sunburn Goa’ saw crowds entertained by superstar DJs like  Afrojack, Markus Schulz and Axwell amongst an international roster of stellar DJs including Quintino, Shermanology, Wolfpack, UmmetOzcan, Apster, Andrew Rayel and Goldfish smashing dancefloors across seven monolithic stages  at one of the word’s most coveted holiday destinations.
In its seventh season, Sunburn also brought Tiesto, Hardwell, Nicky Romero, Kaskade & Avicii to India across various arenas, spread over three major cities. 
With a booming economy and the biggest youth population in the world, India is fast becoming one of the most sought-after destinations to visit, with Sunburn festival being the perfect backdrop for tourists. Renowned for its deep-rooted trance music heritage, Goa provides an idyllic location for those hoping to experience an unforgettable mixture of bass, beats and bliss throughout the three-day festival. 2013 saw Sunburn’s biggest crowd to date, with fans coming together from all corners of the globe including Asia, USA and Europe and 2014 looks set to be even bigger.

Held in late December, Sunburn acts as the perfect haven for those hoping to escape cooler climates and fully immerse themselves in world-class electronic music. Not only does Sunburn provide the perfect soundtrack to round-off the year, but festival goers can also let loose with a range of adrenaline powered activities such as bungee jumping, ferris wheels, sea cruises, volleyball and zorbing, offering the ultimate holiday experience. Sunburn Goa 2014 will also present an on-site camping village for the first time and during post-festival hours, fans can head to one of the many Sunburn “After Dark” parties across North Goa.
With last year’s early bird tickets selling out in an unprecedented four minutes and a bigger and bolder phase one line-up to be announced in October, Sunburn Festival 2014 looks set to be its most impressive to date.

For more information for Sunburn Festival, please visit:

Jun 20, 2014

Nicole Moudaber Announces North American Summer Tour + Forthcoming "Rooted" Single on Drumcode

Nicole Moudaber Announces North American Summer Tour
+ Forthcoming "Rooted" Single on Drumcode Records [June 23]

"Nicole Moudaber's deep, dark & percussive approach to
techno has heads turning and hips swaying..." - DJ Times
Nicole Moudaber is all guns blazing with the announcement of her imminent summer tour throughout North American. After the success of her recent 'Bittersweet' EP [Drumcode], still storming the techno charts with "I Know Where I've Been" sitting comfortably in the Beatport Top 10, Drumcode label boss, Adam Beyer asked her to include "Rooted" on A Sides Volume II Part 2. Buzzing from the success of her recently launched In the MOOD radio show, which showcases live sets, studio mixes and interviews with her DJ friends and family, the show is currently broadcasting in 20 countries worldwide to approximately 2 million listeners since its launch in April. Now, Moudaber will continue to bring her sultry MOOD brand to Las Vegas, Boston, Toronto, Ottawa, Atlanta, Miami and New York during the months of June and July. 
With summer 2014 upon us, Drumcode is still releasing superb tracks that have completely taken over the charts. After the success of the first A-sides compilation in 2012, Beyer has decided its time to release another [June 23] with Moudaber's highly anticipated single, "Rooted" as one of the top notch tracks on the album. Combining both old and new talents, Drumcode has come up with something unique and distinctive to make this two-part compilation something extra special.

Following the hype of Moudaber's last release entitled "See You Next Tuesday" with Carl Cox on her own imprint, MOOD Records, expect upcoming releases from Kasbah Zoo and OniWax with their 'New Era' EP out on June 23 and 'Dance For Me' EP by The Junkies on July 21. Additionally, MOOD Records will see a new EP from Joel Mull and original productions from label head Moudaber herself with remixes from Gary Beck, Guti, Julian Jeweil, Mark Reeve, Robert Dietz and Tom Peters over the next few months. Don't miss Moudaber as she continues her techno takeover, one city at a time and stay tuned for the next edition of In the MOOD radio!
Follow In the MOOD radio on Mixcloudmixcloud.com/nicolemoudaber
Nicole Moudaber North American Tour Dates
June 20 Las Vegas, NV @ Drai's Afterhours
June 21 Las Vegas, NV @ EDC Las Vegas
June 27 Boston, MA @ Bijou
June 28 Toronto, CA @ Digital Dreams
June 29 Ottawa, CA @ Escapade Music Festival
July 3 Los Angeles, CA @ Exchange
July 11 Atlanta, GA @ Opera
July 12 Miami, FL @ Club Space
July 13 Governors Island, NY @ Hyte Park Festival

Preview: D.O.D - 'Steel Drum' // Released 30th June on Mixmash

'Steel Drum'

Release Date: 
30th June 2014

Hotly tipped for superstardom, UK DJ/ producer D.O.D has had a prolific start to 2014 and shows no signs of slowing down with new offering ‘Steel Drum’ out 30th June on Mixmash.

A soundscape that showcases both light and dark tones, the melody rises and falls with a menacing drop, finding a harder, high-energy edge that is constantly building, intense and with a riff that sticks in your head for days.

The young Manchester producer D.O.D has developed under the wing of Laidback Luke's imprint Mixmash, releasing two EPs on their sister label OTW (‘More Cowbell’ and ‘Fire’) before being asked to remix Laidback Luke & Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s huge single ‘MORE’ in the summer of last year. 

Growing from strength to strength, he's stormed into 2014 with 'Stomp', ‘Chasing Dreams’ with Sandro Silva, and 'Flashing Lights' -  a mega collaboration between himself and Laidback Luke.

Preview: EDX - ‘Make Me Feel Good’ // Out on 14th July on Enormous Tunes

‘Make Me Feel Good’
(Enormous Tunes)

Release Date: 
14th July 2014

Having kicked off summer in style with the beautifully melodic track 'Breathin', EDX returns for his new release 'Make Me Feel Good,' out through Enormous Tunes on the 14th July. 

'Make Me Feel Good' provides a sunshine-fuelled vibe with its nu-disco beat accompanied by the cool sounds of an electric guitar, a tranquil foundation oozing positivity. With a punchy bassline, smooth, soulful vocals and a tribal inspired drum beat, 'Make Me Feel Good' is an idyllic beach party soundtrack. 

Coming through on Enormous Tunes, the new track joins a steady output of masterful productions by EDX, a.k.a. Maurizio Colella. With a string of exceptional releases already under his belt for 2014, which saw 'Cool You Off' heavily featured in the top 10 Beatport Deep House Chart. With other notable remixes such as 'Back There' and more recently 'Breathin', EDX continues to further his already prolific career.    

Moving forward with a modern touch of production, EDX has made a name for himself in the international dance music scene, headlining the world's finest clubs and festivals to crowds in excess of 60,000 - from Miami to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, all the way to Sydney. With the summer season imminent, EDX has delivered some of the most in-demand tracks of the moment and will undoubtedly continue to reach and impress the most demanding audiences around the world.