Oct 23, 2015

Apollonia Return To North America Download Official Apollonia Mobile App

Apollonia: Shonky, Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom
Photo Credit: Kevin Lake

French super-trio Apollonia, composed of Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom and Shonky, power into the fall and winter season with dates across North America -- including the celebrated Time Warp US in New York on November 21-- and unveil their brand new mobile app, featuring exclusive interactive content including music, news, interviews, mixtapes, and more.

Available for free download for Android here and Apple iOS here, the official Apollonia app allows fans to follow the globetrotting trio as they take their amazing three-way back-to-back-to-back performances around the world. Interact with Dyed, Shonky and Dan, catch up with all their latest news and interviews, discover personal guides to their favorite cities, and have some fun with a game featuring the guys themselves. Meet the artists who have become part of Apollonia’s label family, get a hold of releases early, and gain exclusive access to hard-to-find mixtapes, the latest of which is BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong’s MBE presents Apollonia Sound of Ibiza.

Apollonia has kept up a hectic schedule all year, from the release of their debut album Tour à Tour, to a world tour, and more recently a busy summer season in Ibiza with performances at Amnesia’s opening party, named by Pulse Radio as “one of the best house sets the club has ever seen,” Circoloco at DC10, Marco Carola’s Music On, and as the official closing act for Ushuaia, as well as Sziget Festival in Hungary and techno behemoth Awakenings in Holland, and many more. Meanwhile, more club-ready releases are due via their eponymous label, including a set of highly-anticipated remixes from Tour à Tour featuring reworks of all of the LP tracks by some of the scene’s most exciting artists.

Apollonia Worldwide Tour Dates
October 29 Playa Del Carmen, Mexico @ Blue Parrot
October 30 Panama City, Panama @ La Buat
October 31  Mexico City, Mexico @ Americana
November 1 Los Angeles, CA @ Egyptian Theater
November 20 San Juan, Puerto Rico @ Movement Festival PR
November 21 Brooklyn, New York @ Time Warp US
November 22 Miami, FL @ Maps
November 25 Denver, CO @ Beta
November 26 Chicago, IL @ Paradigm Underground Warehouse
November 27 Los Angeles, CA @ Sound Nightclub
November 28 San Francisco, CA @ Audio

Oct 21, 2015

Exclusive Interview with Jerome Isma-Ae

Jerome Isma-Ae, born in Munich, Germany, has one of the most unique progressive sounds and is one of the highest-selling progressive house DJ/Producers around. 

You were named breakthrough artist of the year by AVB in 2010. What was your reaction? 
Jerome: That was a very proud moment. Gareth Emery, Cosmic Gate, and a few other DJ’s also voted me as breakthrough artist in 2010. It’s a good feeling to know that my music is liked and supported by so many great DJ’s.

Jerome, you have such a distinguished sound – a rumbling beat with a build up tension. How do you manage to keep your signature beat in all your production and remixes and yet still deliver variety? It’s amazing! 
Jerome: Good to hear that you like it!  Thank you very much. It was a long journey to find my sound signature. I went through rock/metal, house, techno, drum&bass, classical music, soundtracks, chillout and trance. I guess my sound is a bit influenced of everything I just mentioned.

Not to offend anyone, but nowadays, a lot of tracks have the same clap-on sound, no originality. You seem to stay away from that, which is what makes you stand out. How are you inspired and where do you gain so much creativity from? 
Jerome: Every trend comes back from time to time. The clap on one is nothing new. Back in the early 90´s there was a Chicago House label called Dance Mania, their trademark was the clap on one. I get my inspiration from everything and everywhere, but mostly I get great inspiration from movie soundtracks.

First time I ever saw you live was summer of 2008. Your opening track was “Smile When You Kill Me,” which was also getting BIG support from Armin Van Buuren, himself. Your weekly podcast is also named “Smile When You Kill Me.” Can you give us a little background on that production/name?
Jerome: Yeah, that track was doing very well. Many djs used it as their intro for the shows. The song was made for this job because of the build up sound. I used a sound from “The Dark Knight,” so a friend of mine told me: “Why don’t you call your new track ‘Smile when you kill me’? ” I guess there is no better name for this song, hehe.
MusikBeats: You’re now touring worldwide, with recent shows in the US. You played in New York at Governor’s Island, as well as Los Angeles and Miami. How would you describe the vibe, your fans, and the overall experience? 
Jerome: In one word: massive!

You’ve remixed Faithless, Way Out West, Above and Beyond, and you even added your own touch to Michael Jackson’s “Stranger In Moscow.” You recently remixed Paul Van Dyke’s “I don’t Deserve You,” and Flippers & DJ Slater feat. Uprag’s “Unlocked.” Is there anyone in specific you would like to remix or collaborate with? 
Jerome: I’m very open minded and I love to go different ways and experience new sounds and styles, so let’s see what comes next! 

What other projects are you currently working on? 
Jerome: Right now I’m working on collabs with Paul Thomas, Michael Woods, Maor Levi, Fehrplay, Max Freegrant and Sebastian Krieg. I’m also working on my new single and a few remixes. More info very soon.

Tell us one random fact about you! 
Jerome: I’m addicted to speed. It started when I was three years old and my dad bought me this little pedal car. My mum was very scared because I didn’t show any fear when I was racing down the hills all the time. Today, I love to go 200 mph in my car, or race down the hill, 60mph, on a mountain bike. Nothing has changed since then, only the toys became bigger. 

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ismaae
Twitter: http://twitter.com/JeromeIsmaAe
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/jerome-isma-ae
Homepage: jeromeisma-ae.com
Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/artist/jerome-isma-ae/5033

Exclusive Interview with Olivier Giacomotto

Here's an exclusive interview I did with Giacomotto back in 2012

Beatport Music Awards nominee, Olivier Giacomotto,  has become one of the most  artists on demand in the electronic music scene.  Apart from being an international dj, producer and in-demand remixer, he runs Definitive Recorings along with John Acquaviva. Together they tour the world’s most famous venues, delivering their unique sound of warm, funk fueled tech house.
The multi-talented young star also licenses tracks for Hollywood box office movies, top-selling video games, and has also produced for many pop and reggae artists selling thousands of copies.

It’s a pleasure to have you on board. How are you doing, and where are you at the moment reading this interview?
OG: I’m in a plane back from Albania with almost no sleep, I had great time in a club called Lollipop in Tirana. It was my first time there but such a good one!

You were nominated as best electro producer for the Beatport Music Awards 2008, which also tell us you have been in the scene for quite some time. Can you tell us a little about the nomination and your work?
OG: I had my first record released in 2004, after all this time I can tell that nominations, awards, TOP10s, are the things that make you feel good, but are also the things I don’t think of when I produce. Recognition is not and will never be a motivation, I always keep in mind that I make music, and not marketing.

How did you get into licensing tracks for movies and video games?
OG: As I already said, I only make music. Licensing comes afterwards, and this is a work between publishers and production companies, artist are not often involved in that kind of negotiations.

You’ve gained support from Carl Cox and Chris Liebing, and you’ve said that you admire Richie Hawtin because of his love for technology. Who inspires you nowadays and why?
OG: the first album of Kaiserdisco is titled “In No-One’s Shadow”, so liked them. I try to follow my own path. If not everything would sound the same.

Can you tell us about partnering up with John Acquaviva and the concept of the label Definitive Recordings?
OG: John and I share a real passion for music, food and cooking, that’s how we became friends. John has been in the music business for a long time, he was a dj before house music, he’s the one who teached Richie Hawtin how to use 303s and 909s, so there is also a lot to learn from him. Now I help him managing Definitive Recordings, we always try to find fresh good music, no matter the artist, and if the track works on the dancefloor, then we release it.

I believe a good kick drum and a bassline make the dance floor move… but how do you create that? How do you balance them to have the perfect sound?
OG: The rule in music is that there is no rule… this is not science but art. A good balance in the mix is a combination of production skills and good ears. To make it short I’d say “KISS” which means Keep It Simple Stupid. One good kick is sometimes better than 3 layered kicks.

What’s favorite production to date?
OG: I try not to look behind as much as possible and try to focus on my work and the future.

What are your favorite tracks at the moment and which ones stood out to you in 2012?
OG: I played a lot of tracks from producers I like such as Ramon Tapia, Jay Lumen, Siwell, etc… but the best for me is an EP we released lately on Definitive Bazu – “Change The System”. Also check my Best of 2012 on Beatport Mixes : http://www.beatport.com/chart/best-of-locomotto-2012/139107

What are your favorite tools to produce with and which do you prefer behind the decks? 
OG: Easy answer, for production, logic Pro 9, Sonnox Dynamics, Sonnox Limiter. For the stage, Traktor, and Kontrol X1.

Any talent that we should be on the lookout for?
OG: His name is BAZU.

Can you tell us about any upcoming projects? Any special plans for 2013?
OG: Many projects, my first EP of the year called “Chipotle” will come out on January 14. Then a remix of the best seller track “Good Music” will come out end of January, and then a co-productions with the Canadian Simon Doty. I’m also working on a movie soundtrack but I cannot tell you more about it right now.
For more info, check my websites:

Exclusive Interview with Darius Syrossian

Darius Syrossian production skills have lead to acclaim with labels such as Get Physical, Jackathon Compilation, Hot Creations, VIVa MUSiC, OFF Recordings, Magnetic, Area Remote, and 8bit to name a few. After a successful summesr with his residency at Sankeys in Ibiza, his VIVa music compilation  with Steve Lawler, and  his first DC-10 gig with Jamie Jones at the Paradise Closing Party in September 2012, Darius also made a rare appearance in the US 2 months later in December. 

Oh, did I mention he’s on the RA Poll: Top DJs of 2012? Yupp, at number 76.

What’s the meaning behind “TRUE. HOUSE. MUSIC”?
DS: It means House music that is made to make the listener feel what house music is – remember the words in that famous old skool track ‘House is a feeling’ – there you go, you have your answer.
So the difference between true house music and EDM is this, EDM is just a racket made to go with all the other crap that is needed to stimulate the crowd, such as loads of fancy lights, ice cannons, gimmicks (Deadmau5 wearing a mouse head, Steve Aoki jumping around like a clown).
Those are two examples, if you take all that away and are left with a dark room and a great sound system but nothing else, EDM sounds horrible, like an alarm going off. In comparison, true house music sounds amazing just with a dark room and a good sound system, and that’s how it started, it’s a feeling.

In 2012, DJ MAG awarded you with a nomination for “BEST OF BRITISH, BREAKTHROUGH PRODUCER AWARD.” How did that come about and can you tell us a little bit about the experience?
DS: If I’m honest, I’ve been quite vocal that I’m not into award ceremonies and all this shit. I don’t like the fact that house music is almost becoming like Hollywood with awards and fancy ceremonies with champagne tables, it’s not what house music’s about, and I don’t care for them.
Disclosure are also in my category and make more commercial music than me, so they will win it anyway, but it’s of course great to be recognized for what you are doing, and thank you to DJ Mag for recognizing my work this year, but I always feel uncomfortable if there is a fuss over me in public. I’m not the type of DJ to jump around behind the decks either, I just want to play the music and let the crowd feel it.

How long have you been a Monthly Resident at world renowned Sankeys in Manchester. How would you describe the overall vibe?
DS: I’ve played at Sankeys for years, but my monthly residency has now run for 18 months, and it’s amazing, it really is such an amazing venue and club both for the dj and the clubber.
David Vincent, the owner, has taken the Manchester vibe and put it in Ibiza and it’s exactly what house music is about: a great sound system, a low ceiling, dark, laid out perfectly for a good house party, no damn champagne tables getting in your way etc.

When and how did you become one of the main members of Steve Lawler’s VIVa MUSiC family?
DS:I met Steve in 2008 at a gig, and I gave him a demo. He then got in touch and said it was amazing and so I made some stuff for his VIVa MUSiC label.

Then 6 months down the line he said ‘Darius I can see how passionate you are, I’m going to sign you exclusively to VIVa and if you apply this passion to your productions and DJ’ing, you will be in a very good place but don’t let me down, it is now all up to you’.
This happened just as the recession hit and I was quitting my record shop job that I had done for 15 years. I put my all into it and it’s got me here four years down the line, so I always say thanks to Steve Lawler for giving me the platform to show what I can do.
He’s a great guy who has helped a lot of artists, but as he said, it’s one thing getting exposure, but you also have to deliver the goods such as those killer tracks, and I didn’t let the opportunity go to waste.

Your latest release, “Metal” EP on OFF Recordings, had big support from Reboot, Simon Baker and Jamie Jones.  You have a forthcoming release on Hot Creations. What can we expect?
DS:Hot Creations have asked for an EP, and one track on it is very similar to “Metal” actually. Unfortunately I can’t say too much right now but watch this space!

In 3 words, how would you describe your sound?
DS:Bass injected house

Is there anyone you would love to collaborate with?
DS: Ahhhh there are too many to name…maybe Dan Ghenacia and Dyed Soundorom. They are real house music heads.

If you were only given one choice, to either be a dj or producer, which one would you be and why?
DS: I would go to the person who gave me this one choice and demand he asked me another question, haha!

With some many genres, producers and djs at the moment, who stands out to you the most?
DS: Dan Ghenacia’s productions lately are awesome, and the same for Kink. I also like new guys such as Detroit Swindle and Shadow Child, but there is too many to name, so I better stop here.

Describe your perfect [underground] party: 
DS: All my friends are there of course. It’s in a dark room, with an amazing sound system, a low ceiling, with a perfect crowd that understands real house music. It’s set in a location so that when the gig is finished; we come out and are near the beach, for an after party. . . actually I think I have just described Sankeys Ibiza, haha.

Darius Syrossian online: 

Oct 15, 2015

Watch The Making of Nicole Moudaber & Skin’s 'BREED' EP Documentary Premiered on Beatport

Photo credit: Christoph Köstlin

Uniting for a collaborative effort with many firsts on both sides, Nicole Moudaber and Skin reveal the making of their ‘BREED‘ EP through a nearly twenty-minute documentary shot by Ivory Haze recently premiered on Beatport. Recounting the beginnings of this project, the pair describe how they incidentally sat next to each other while on a flight to London and how they decided to approach the songwriting process, which resulted in immediate chemistry in the studio, in a detailed track-by-track commentary. Culminating with a ‘BREED’ EP launch party at Carl Cox’s “Music Is Revolution” at Space Ibiza, Nicole and Skin played their first back-to-back set to celebrate the release.

The documentary also shows clips of behind the scenes footage of Nicole and Skin recalling their time on set for recently released music video “Someone Like You” and director interviews from the “You Like This” video shoot.

Nicole Moudaber and Skin’s ‘BREED’ EP is available on Beatport / iTunes

Oct 13, 2015

D∆WN Reveals Stunning New Double Video For “Billie Jean x Dance”

“...gorgeous shots, dripping with crimson-lit sensuality and coupled perfectly with her dancefloor/bedroom-ready electronic pop.” — FLAUNT Magazine

D∆WN reveals a stunning new double video for “Billie Jean x Dance” following the release of her instant hit single “Dance” last week on Our Dawn Entertainment. The video, directed by Monty Marsh, brings D∆WN’s infectious tracks to life with her signature dazzling, avant-garde visuals and brilliant choreography, all coming together to underscore her role as electronic music’s brightest breakthrough artist. Check out the official video for “Billie Jean x Dance” on VEVO here or via FLAUNT Magazine’s premiere here.

Premiered via FADER, "Dance" landed in the iTunes Top 10 Electronic chart on the day of its release and is the lead single from The Red Era, the third installment of D∆WN’s album trilogy. D∆WN enlists her trusty producers Noisecastle III and Swagg R'Celious along with power writer Ester Dean to unleash her best song to date. Stream “Dance” on VEVO here. Meanwhile, the addictive “Billie Jean” appeared on D∆WN’s previous Blackheart album released earlier this year.

Hitting the road next month, D∆WN brings her “Bravura Experience” live performances to New York on November 11, Washington, DC on November 16, and Los Angeles on December 15.

Dawn Richard, known professionally as D∆WN, is a multi-platinum American singer-songwriter who started her career as part of American girl band Danity Kane, and part of the group Diddy-Dirty Money with Sean "Diddy" Combs and Kalenna Harper, through which she earned multiple platinum albums, a 3x platinum single, and a gold single.

D∆WN launched her solo career in 2011, and has since released five solo projects: ATellTaleHeart, ‘Armor On’ EP, ‘Whiteout’ EP, Goldenheart and Blackheart. Both Armor On and Goldenheart reached #1 on iTunes R&B/Soul in a matter of hours, reached iTunes Top 20 All Albums, and charted on mutiple Billboard charts, with Goldenheart (released January 2013) receiving universal praise from The Guardian, SPIN, Complex and more.

Earlier this year, D∆WN concluded her transition into The Black Era, a project which incorporated the musical experience with visual collaborations, choreography and high fashion to accompany the second installment of her album trilogy -- the Blackheart album. With influences from trip hop to electro pop to soul, the Blackheart album (released January 2015) solidified D∆WN as more than just a progressive R&B diva, showcasing sharper edges, more experimental electronic sounds, and consummate fearlessness. Producing and writing alongside her partner in crime Noisecastle III, the duo make genres a thing of the past and future a thing of the now. Receiving critical acclaim from Billboard, Pitchfork, SPIN, Fact Magazine, New York Times, LA Times and many more, Blackheart peaked at #1 on the iTunes Electronic chart and reached the Top 20 iTunes All Albums chart, also charting at #1 on the Billboard U.S. Top Independent Albums chart, #2 on the Billboard Electronic/Dance chart, and #3 on the Billboard U.S. Top Heatseekers chart.

Get ready for the new era of D∆WN.